Winter at Four Frogs

While we miss the warm weather and relaxing at the beach, there are some great things about winter in Sydney. The colder weather is perfect for a few of our warm and cozy favourites. 

The first is one of our most beloved galettes, La Tartiflette. This galette is filled with bacon, raclette cheese, potatoes and onions that are slowly cooked in cider. The decadent, rich flavours and quality raclette cheese are perfect for dinner in the chilly months.  

This delicious galette pairs perfectly with our mulled cider. A winter favourite, this beverage is made with authentic French cider. The ciders we carry are made with no added water or sugar, and using a natural fermentation process that only uses fresh apples. Our mulled cider is warm and comforting with hints of spices like cinnamon; it’s like Christmas in July! 


Our winter favourites

Available at our Mosman, Randwick and Lane Cove locations throughout the Winter months. 

La Tartiflette galette: Filled with bacon, raclette cheese, potatoes and onions slowly cooked in cider. $21

Mulled Cider: Delicious warm spiced cider beverage. $10

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