Four Frogs Crêperie is more than just a French restaurant. 

We’re a real French crêperie that places high-quality ingredients as a top priority. We’re proud to offer you what we feel are Sydney’s finest and most authentic crêpes and galettes.

Four Frogs Crêperie about us page

We believe the art of crêpe-making requires specific expertise, and that’s why we use the traditional recipes and techniques used by the skilled crêpiers of Bretagne (the region in France where crêpes come from). 

Though we have a core menu, we also offer monthly specials. These special menu items reflect the seasonal availability of the varied produce in Sydney. If it is in season, it’s at its prime and will produce a most delicious result. 

Everything we do has been carefully crafted for you to experience nothing less than the real tastes and flavours of France when you visit Four Frogs Crêperie.

Four Frogs Crêperie about us page

Our Galettes

We’re particularly proud of our galettes and have worked hard to bring their unique taste and quality to you here in Sydney.

These savoury crêpes are created using our own traditional recipe, but what makes them extra special is the highly nutritious buckwheat flour used in its batter. Our buckwheat flour is made using Australian buckwheat which is then milled in-store, at Four Frogs. It is naturally gluten-free*

Milling the flour at our store maximises its taste, freshness and the nutritional content of the buckwheat – which means you’re eating authentic galettes just like the ones our grandmothers of Bretagne used to cook.

Our chefs also cook using free-range eggs, “fleur de sel” (hand-harvested sea salt, also known as the “caviar” of sea salts), and a touch of something secret. 

*Note that while our galettes are made with gluten-free buckwheat flour, they may still contain some traces of gluten. Please inform our staff if you have any allergies. 

Our French Crêpes

Our sweet French crêpes are thin and crispy on the edges, and soft and light in the middle.

Free-range eggs, organic home-milled wheat flour, fleur de sel, raw sugar and fresh farmer’s milk combined with rich homemade chocolate and salted caramel sauces, freshly whipped cream and ripe fruit bring a fusion of delectable flavours to choose from.

Four Frogs Crêperie about us page

Four Frogs Coffee

We know you love coffee, and that’s why we created Four Frogs Coffee – a unique blend that reflects the Four Frogs’ values and tastes.

We work closely with a local micro-roaster to produce a full-bodied, rich coffee with a lasting chocolate aftertaste that pairs perfectly with our French crêpes.

A “Fraussie” Touch

Our French crêpes are traditional, but we’ve adapted them to suit your Aussie tastebuds. In France, it’s unlikely that you’ll find crepes with bacon and egg or spinach and feta!

Yet on the Four Frogs Crêperie crêpes menu you’ll find traditional French favourites, seasonal crêpes, Australian-influenced dishes and the Frogs’ own special creations.

A French Night Out

You may not know that crêpes aren’t just a breakfast treat in France. We eat them throughout the day – especially for dinner. We love to take our families out for dinner and enjoy a delicious galette (or two) followed by a sweet crêpe. If you’ve never eaten a crêpe for dinner, we’d love you to try it for the first time with us!

Our crêperies are open for dinner, and you can view our crêpes menu to read more about our dinner options.


Specialising in sweet and savoury French crêpes, Four Frogs Crêperie has restaurants located in the Sydney suburbs of MosmanRandwick, Circular Quay and Lane Cove.

Four Frogs Crêperie about us page





Circular Quay


Gateway, 1 Alfred St
Sydney NSW 2000

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 7am-late
Sat-Sun: 10am-late


(02) 9241 2277

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Circular Quay

Gateway, 1 Alfred St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9241 2277


175 Avenue Road
Mosman NSW 2088
(04) 0198 9771


30 St Pauls St
Randwick NSW 2031
(02) 9398 3818

Lane Cove

115-117 Longueville Rd,
Lane Cove NSW 2066
(02) 9420 3944