Wine of the month at Four Frogs

Calling all wine lovers – we have just launched our wine of the month! Every second month, we will be introducing one new wine on the menu to pair with our specials.
Four Frogs wine of the month launch

Philippe from Dynamic Wines is a fellow wine enthusiast who has been learning about and exploring wines for the past 20 years. He recently reworked our wine list and will pick each wine of the month that best complements our galettes. We interviewed Philippe to find out more about his intriguing wine selection process. 

When did you start working in the wine industry? And why?

I spent most of my career in the automobile industry working for French brands on different continents. I am a car enthusiast but also a wine lover (in moderation) and have been keen for 20 years to share my knowledge about the particularities of the various wine regions of the world and the next best boutique wineries here in Australia. Two years ago, I decided to take the right turn to work in the wine industry to fully embrace my passion. “Driving or Drinking, you have to choose!”

You reworked our wine list and are picking our wine of the month, can you tell us more about your process and how the various wines are selected?

Four Frogs restaurants are great venues with a unique product offering that goes very well with wine. With their team, we selected what we call good ‘food wines’ which would complement the dishes nicely and make the creperie experience even better. We also kept in mind that dinners have different tastes. There is no right or wrong when it comes to preferences. Everyone is different so the wine list is structured to offer a balanced selection of light and medium to full body wines in white, rosé and red with a couple of festive sparkling wines. All the wines on the list are carefully crafted, speak about elegance in their style and all represent great value. Last but not least, there are also a few that are certified organic.

What’s your favourite Galette / Crêpe and wine pairing on the Four Frogs’ menu?

A great match is the delicate Spring Seed Pinot Grigio Spring from McLaren Vale in South Australia with a prosciutto, Goat Cheese, walnuts and honey Galette. In terms of Crêpes, you cannot go wrong with the Baron Jacques sparkling from Burgundy. It is fruity and dry with lovely bubbles.

What excites you the most about our wine of the month partnership and do you have some exciting events planned for us in 2023?

I like the ‘Wine of the month’ concept as it gives more opportunities to taste and engage with different types of wine. Wine is about sharing and enhancing the dining experience. By trying different type of wines regularly, you understand and appreciate your tastes better and realise that the world of wine (which can sometimes be intimidating) can offer quite an enjoyable journey and an opportunity to connect with people, places, and cultures. It is a world of diversity and inclusiveness.

In 2023 there will be additional “Wines of Month” to expand your horizons and we will organise some wine tastings to taste different wines from different regions and countries. It will be a little bit educational but more importantly entertaining. So stay tuned!

Come to Four Frogs and try this month’s wine before it’s gone! 





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