Bastille Day is a day of fanfare and celebration for the French. Come celebrate Bastille Day with us and indulge yourselves in a very special truffle galette.

Lifestyle shot of the Bastille day Truffle galette special

What are truffles?

Shot of Florian and Sam from Robertson Truffles
We had our truffles delivered farm fresh from Sam at Robertson Truffles!

Truffles are a kind of mushroom that grow in harmony with a host tree, growing about 2.5 – 1o centimeters underground on the roots of some varieties of oak and hazelnut trees.  The host tree and truffle have a complimentary relationship. The growing truffles enables the tree to take in phosphorus, and in return the truffle receives sugars enabling it to grow

Did you know that France is the largest producer of truffles, harvesting up to 30 tonnes a year? And over 1,000 tonnes were produced at the end of the nineteenth century! The largest truffle market in the world is in Richerenches, a small village of France.

Our truffle galette

This delicious and heavenly truffle galette is made with freshly shaved truffle, prosciutto, egg and Swiss cheese. Harvested in NSW by Robertson Truffles, this Perigord truffle originates from Perigord, a region in the middle of France where French truffles come from.

Truffles are very much sought after in the gourmet world for their intense, earthy fragrance and exquisite taste. They lend a unique flavour and aroma to food.  Our truffle galette brings together all of these wonderful flavours in celebration of this very special day on the French calendar.

Bastille Day Truffle Galette:

Prosciutto, egg, Swiss cheese & freshly shaved truffle $24
Available only on Bastille Day on the 14 of July at all our crêperies.

For a truly memorable and authentic French dining experience on Bastille day, head on down to The Four Frogs Crêperie!

Bon appétit!

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