Either you want to have everything ready and just assemble your favourite French treats or you want to learn how to make our traditional French Crêpes from scratch, we have curated 4 special take away boxes for you to add a little bit of fun to your lockdown cooking adventures…
Scroll down to see our special take away box options!

Let's get Gooey box

Four Frogs - cheese box

If you are looking for an all-packaged box full of Cheese Galettes, this one is for you. It includes a Complete Galette, a Tartiflette Galette and 2 Dessert Crêpes.

What’s in the box:
– All ingredients to make a Complete Galette (1 Galette, 1 Egg, Ham & Swiss Cheese)
– All the ingredients to make a Tartiflette Galette (1 Galette, Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Raclette Cheese, Potatoes, Onions cooked in Cider)
Option to have 2 Tartiflettes or 2 Completes, instead of one of each. 
– 2 Crêpes with a 340ml sauce (choice of Nutella, homemade Caramel, or homemade Chocolate sauce)

Price: $45 for 2 people.
If your lockdown bubble includes more than 2 people, you can add a Crêpe and a  Galette (Complete or Tartiflette) per person for $22 per person. 

How to cook your Crêpes & Galettes at home: 

  1. Heat a large pan on medium heat with a nub of salted butter
  2. Place your Crêpe / Galette in the pan
  3. Place the ingredients supplied in your box and spread them out. Start with the Egg for the Complete and then the Cheese and finish with the Ham.
  4. Fold the edges on top of your Crêpe / Galette and cook it for a minute or two depending on the texture you want
  5. Enjoy & Bon Appétit!

It's Raclette time box

With the cold and the stay-at-home order, we’ve called it RACLETTE SEASON! It’s perfect timing to indulge in the ultimate comfort food, while at home. 

What’s in the box:
– 500g of pre-sliced Raclette Cheese
– 250g of cured Meat mix (Prosciutto, Chorizo, Ham, Speck)
– 1 bottle of Wine of your choice

Price: $100 for 2 people

Available during the Sydney lockdown for takeaway only.

Let’s get creative box

What about making your crêpes at home, with your family? Just get a pile of Crêpes and fill them up with whatever you’d like. The only limit is your imagination!

Raw galettes
– 6 raw galettes (GF) $12
– 12 raw galettes (GF) $24
– 18 raw galettes (GF) $32

Add your own ingredients:
We recommend to make a base of egg or grated goat/feta/Swiss cheese or both, followed by whatever ingredients you like. You can buy the ingredients directly from our pantry.

Raw crêpes
– 6 raw crêpes $12
– 12 raw crêpes $24
– 18 raw crêpes $32

Add our homemade sauce(s):
– 340ml Homemade salted caramel sauce $12
– 340ml Homemade Belgian chocolate $12
– 340ml Nutella $12

Become a French Chef box

The perfect DIY lockdown activity, our Crêpe box includes everything you need to make Crêpes and Galettes in the comfort of your own kitchen. A fun way to entertain the kids in the safety of your own kitchen. 

What’s in the box:
– A Four Frogs tote bag
– A Four Frogs Apron
– Our house-milled Buckwheat Flour, to make savoury Galettes, naturally gluten-free (500g)
– Wheat Flour to make sweet Crêpes (500g)
– A jar of our Homemade Salted Caramel
– A jar of our Homemade Chocolate Sauce
– A link to step-by-step cooking videos to learn how to cook our Crêpes and Galettes at home
– Recipe and instruction cards (in case you don’t like the videos)
– a $10 voucher at Four Frogs Crêperie.

Price: $59
If you don’t have everything you need at home to fill up your Crêpes and make the mix, just check out pantry for a one-stop delivery.  

Our 3 first boxes (Let get Gooey, Let’s get Creative and Become a French Chef) are available for delivery via Uber Eats. 

All of our boxes are available for Takeaway. Order ahed via Hey You or give a call to your local Crêperie. 

Or call the (02) 9398 3818

Or call the 04 0198 9771

Or call the (02) 9420 3944

The rest of our menu is also available for Take away and delivery, you can have a look here





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