benjaminBenjamin is our new head chef, in charge of running the Four Frogs Mosman kitchen now that Raphael has moved to our Circular Quay restaurant.

Benjamin is from Atlantic Loire on the west coast. He was born in a small seaside resort called Saint brevin les pins which is located on the border of Bretagne, the original home of crepes and galettes.


When did you learn how to make crepes?

I learned to make crepes when I was 13. Friends of my parents owned a creperie in the city I grew up in at Saint Brevin les pins.

Why do you love working for Four Frogs?

I love working for Four Frogs because all the staff are passionate about what they do. They love their products, work originally and have attention to detail. All of these things are really important to me and for my personal development.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

I love this question because I’m a big fan of superheroes! It would be so good to be superman in the Four Frogs kitchen. Firstly, superman can’t burn himself – something that would prove to be very useful when you work with crepe machines that are turned up to 210 degrees – so my arms and my hands would be happy. Second, imagine the speed at which I could make crepes over twenty crepe pans simultaneously! Third, I could clean the kitchen simply by snapping my fingers – so, with all this power, I’d be considered the best crepe master in the world.

What’s your favourite crepe?

One of my favourites is “andouille de guemene” which is a typical Bretagne sausage made from pork meat, chitterlings, pepper, onions, wine and seasonings. I’d love to make it at Four Frogs but the ingredients are tricky to find here in Australia! Other than that, my favourites are the simplest – ham, cheese egg galette and butter sugar crepe. I believe that it’s with the simple things we recognise a good product.