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At Four Frogs, we’re excited to introduce to you our new food and drinks menu. We’ve expanded our wine and drinks list to bring you authentic French meals all day long. Of course being French, we believe a night out is not complete without a delicious flavour infused meal paired with a glass of wine! 

In the process of creating this menu, we thought it was time to freshen up the look of our menu too. That’s why we worked with local artist, Gill Cameron, or Line For A Walk, to feature her beautiful illustrations.

You may recognize her work from our Instagram feed, or from a mural at Bondi Beach. We sat down with Gill to discuss her work and the creative process of designing our new menus. 

Meet Gill Cameron, or Line For A Walk

Here’s our conversation with Gill:

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into painting.  

I am originally from Scotland and attended the Scottish College of Textiles, specialising in printed textile design. I have been working in Australia in that field for over 20 years as an in house designer.
Line For a Walk started as a personal project to create art for me and has evolved to where it is today.   
How did you come up with the name Line For a Walk?
It is from a quote from the artist Paul Klee: “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”

Tell us about your journey with Four Frogs. 

I love working with Four Frogs! Back in 2019, I met with the team for the first time for a meeting over Crêpes. We discussed the possibility of illustrating a few items for the restaurant and eventually started with a postcard using the signature red Crêpe window at the Lane Cove shop.
We have since completed several other illustrations for special occasions at the restaurant including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Eve.
At the beginning of each project, we chat through the concept and I then produce a storyboard with a couple of different ideas and sketches for each illustration. Once this is agreed upon I create the final illustration. Four Frogs has given me lots of creative freedom and this makes the whole process very smooth.

How long did it take to draw this menu and where did you take your inspiration from?

The inspiration for the menu was based on the style of the other illustrations completed for Four Frogs. As this is my natural style it wasn’t hard to be inspired!
The team asked for a few specific things to be included, like the copper flambe pan. For the other illustrations, I just went for it with a whole page of food and beverage illations which I then worked those into the menu design layout as it progressed. The menu took about 2 months from start to finish.

See the menu for yourself

Now, when you dine with us you’ll see Gill’s work right at your table! 

You will immediately recognize her illustrations dotted throughout the menu. 

To see her work while enjoying our delicious Crêpes, book your table at one of our Four Frogs locations. 

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