January Specials

Our January specials highlight what is best about the summer in Sydney: fresh fruits and vegetables. This month, we loaded up our crepes and galettes with fresh ingredients for a satisfying bite with just the right amount of indulgence.

Four Frogs Creperie - figs
Four Frogs Creperie - prosciutto
Four Frogs Creperie - fruits

January special crepes, galettes and Cocktail

Available from Monday 6th January in all our shops.

Vegetarian galette: Spinach, three cheeses, (Brie, Swiss, Goat) & sun dried tomato $18

Galette: Prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, goat’s cheese & homemade pesto $18

Crepe: Fresh figs, salted caramel & toasted almonds $16

Crepe: Strawberries, blueberries, mangoes & organic maple syrup $17

Our cocktail complements the weather outside as it is crisp, refreshing and bubbly—perfect for the much-needed cool down during these scorching temperatures.

Apple Cider Spritz $12

Four Frogs Creperie - December Specials