Thank you for buying our Gift Box. You can now learn how to make the best traditional Crêpes in the comfort of your home.

Let’s start with the Galette class.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Galette mix will have to rest for at least 10 hours before cooking.

Before we start, get the following ingredients ready: 
– 500g of our homemade Buckwheat Flour (in your box, the buckwheat flour is in the bag with the red sticker.)
– 1.5L of Water
– 11g of Honey
– 15g of Guérange Salt
– 4 eggs

Now just relax and listen to Guillaume, he will give you all the tips and tricks to make the best Galettes at home.

Our second class is all about our favourite sweet treat: The Crêpe. 

You won’t have to wait as long for the Crêpe mix. Just let stand for an hour and your mix will be ready to go. 

Before you start you’ll need: 
– 500g of Wheat Flour (in your box, the Wheat Flour is in the bag with the blue sticker.)
– 50g of Sugar
– 1l of Milk
– 4 eggs

You know the drill now, just relax and Guillaume will guide you through making the best Crêpes. 

We hope you enjoyed your Crêpes at home. We want to see the results! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @fourfrogscreperie

If you want Guillaume to teach you and your mates how to make the best Crêpes and Galettes, all while drinking unlimited cider, join our Crêpe classes at Circular Quay. Learn more about them here.